Monday, July 8, 2013

Wow, no blogging for awhile! I was looking forward to posting a bunch of stuff, but I'm taking 22 credit hours in school, yes I had to get it approved by the department head, and it's kicking my tush! BUT, I love it! So, in short, here's what we have been up to lately:

*Blythe wants to do everything herself. EVERYTHING. She asked me if I would teach her to paint fingernails....she's so dang cute. 

* This is my nephew Brecken, we all live in the same house so those two get to play a lot. It's fun to listen to them because they are both so stubborn and love to boss each other around. But at the end of the day they are good buds. 

* We like to go visit my Grandma on Sundays, Blythe really likes playing with her and always gets spoiled. 

*We like Photo Booth. A Lot. 

*Blythe has been so excited to Monster's University since she first saw a preview back in March. Yes, Belle had to go with us. She eventually found her seat in the cup holder. 

*Looking into music classes, Blythe is way excited! 

*Ran into our best friends at the first Famers Market of the summer!

*When we go to my Grandmas they always invite Blythe to activities. Balloon volleyball is her favorite. They call her their mascot and all the residents just love her. 

*All tea parties, All the time. 

*And this summer her little eye keeps randomly swelling, we can't quite pinpoint why, but I have my suspicions that she's allergic to watermelon like myself. Time will tell!

Blythe is now out of town until August! She's on a trip with my mom up the West coast and having a blast! I miss her like crazy but know she's having way more fun with her Nana, than she would sitting around and watching mom do homework. 

Happy July Peeps.